I am still here

Well, it’s been some time without any posts here. I’m not quite sure why exactly, but I wasn’t encouraged enough, probably. After a while a thought that I have something to write down, but after I saw the old design I decided to fix it first.

So, here it is: the new design!

Why I don’t like the old one? Despite considerable effort was applied to the initial theme tuning and restyling, it still contained too much things I have never used. For example:

  • a bunch of Chinese social network integrations
  • unnecessary javascript for styling
  • custom fonts
  • shortcodes which I never use

So, I removed almost everything and composed layout from the old theme and a starter theme (which has a good minimal configuration). All the styles were created from scratch, except ones for syntax highlight.

Maybe it doesn’t look so fancy now, but my goal was to make it simple and readable. That’s why all text elements are aligned to the left side — so you’ll not loose the beginning of the next line. Experts (presumably) are saying that width of a line of text should be between 40 — 80 letters. Now it’s ~ 85, which is almost fine, but maybe I need to increase the font size a little bit. Pictures are huge — they occupy almost all available width, but stay fitted into a viewport. If you see a post on narrow screen text and images most likely have the same width.

In the beginning there were no custom colors, but the initial ones are too contrast, so I dimmed link colors (also for different modes, like :hover and :visited). Also did some styling for titles and non-post links, like the ones in main menu on the top.

Currently, the new theme is not finished yet. I’m going to remove some leftover layouts and partials, update README, config files and example website. Also I want to add links to my social network profiles, connect Commento plugin (it’s paid, but credible).

I hope I’ll manage to publish all the posts I have planned so far.